office setup - Enter your office product key to Download Office

MS Office is one of the most convenient suites for managing word documents, creating presentations, managing data in spreadsheets, designing postcards, and more. You can download, install, and activate Office applications through the Office Setup portal by opening When it comes to features and performance, there is no other productivity software suite that can match Microsoft Office. 

How to Download MS Office Suite?

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The latest Office version is equipped with dozens of new features and bug-fixes that can boost your productivity while you work with Office apps. We recommend you download the newest version of MS Office through Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned down here:

  1. First and foremost, make your way to your favorite internet browser.  
  2. Once the browser appears, go to
  3. When the Office Setup site appears on your screen, make your way to the My Account button. 
  4. Then click on the Sign In link. 
  5. Once the Sign In screen shows up, click on the “New user? Create a new account” option. 
  6. You will now redirect to the Sign-up page. 
  7. There you have to put in all the required details into the relevant text fields. 
  8. Once that is done, press on the Sign-Up button on the bottom. 
  9. The site will now verify your details, and your new account will be ready.  
  10. Once you are signed in to your account, click on the Redeem Your Product Key option. 
  11. Now put in your 25 characters long and unique product key.
  12. Then proceed to redeem your key. 
  13. Once that completes, you are ready to download your Office product to your device. 
  14. After that, go to My Products tab.  
  15. Now choose the product that you wish to download. 
  16. Next, head to the Download link of the program. 
  17. Follow the prompts on your browser to quickly save the installer file. 
  18. The download will now begin. 
  19. You need to wait back until the process completes.
  20. Once the download completes, close the site and the web browser.

How to Install Office Setup?

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To make sure the installation process goes smoothly, you need to obey the instructions given down here:

  1. First and foremost, open the File Explorer on your system.     
  2. Then navigate to the Downloads folder or go to the folder where you saved the Office installation file that you downloaded a minute ago from
  3. Once you find the installer exe file in the File Explorer, perform a right-click on the Office Setup. 
  4. Then choose the Run as administrator option.  
  5. Now allow the installer to make changes to your system by choosing Yes. 
  6. Then the installer window should appear on the screen. 
  7. Now you need to first Accept the License Agreement. 
  8. Click the Next button on the bottom. 
  9. Then choose the installation path as per your choice. 
  10. Next, make your way to the Install button. 
  11. After that, hold on until the process wraps up on its own. 
  12. Once complete, press the Finish button on the bottom to exit the installer. 
  13. Now restart the device.

How Do You Activate MS Office?

Follow the instructions mentioned down here to quickly activate your Office apps:

  1. First and foremost, open the Start menu. 
  2. Enter Run into the search and then choose the Run dialogue box from results. 
  3. Now make your way to the text field of Run.  
  4. Then put in “winword” into the text field. 
  5. Now press Enter on your keyboard to trigger the newly downloaded MS Office Word. 
  6. It might greet you for the first time, and then you will land on the homepage of the application. 
  7. Click on the main menu icon located on the upper-right corner. 
  8. Then choose the Word Options button on the bottom.  
  9. The settings page will appear. 
  10. You need to select the Resources tab from the left side navigation menu. 
  11. In there, you need to find the Activate Microsoft Office section. 
  12. Then hit the Activate button. 
  13. You will now be redirected to the site automatically. 
  14. Once the site asks you to enter your activation code, mention your 25 characters product key in the required field. 
  15. Now the site will ask your account details. 
  16. Once that completes, you will have to follow the onscreen prompts to sync your account subscription to the downloaded Office apps.