Facebook Feature Lets You Archive or Trash Old, Embarrassing Posts

The new feature of Facebook is known as Manage Activity, and it will allow the users to either trash or archive your older posts. The feature will help the users to hide their old post that is embarrassing. This tool has been developed by Facebook to stop reflecting the older version of your social media profile, aka older life.

The significant factor behind this feature is the embarrassment that users felt while sharing their social media accounts to anyone. They either delete their post specifically or blocked the other users who they don’t want to visit their profile. The new feature will overcome your awkwardness while re-visiting your older posts.

Manage Activity will grant the users to archive their post so that only they can visit them. Alongside, the posts that are quite annoying even for the users, then they do have the option of delete. The primary focus of this feature is to provide ease to the users. Thus, they can hide, archive or delete all their older posts instantly. The posts that users would delete will also remain in the trash box for 30 days so that users can recover them.

The users have to set a specific period on their timeline, and then they have to choose either delete or archive. Afterwards, they will find that their profile will only show recent posts on their timeline. The users can also bring back the posts on their profile through this feature. They simply need to go to the archive tab and then need to click on the option of a move to profile.

The initiative led by Facebook to provide a Manage Activity feature will be quite promising. Facebook is facing a huge loss from quite some time because the users are now moving to other social media platforms rather than it. Several users have already deactivated their accounts to avoid showing embarrassing posts on their profile. In contrast, most of the users have striven hard to delete each of their irrelevant posts specifically.

The Manage Activity feature is only available for the Facebook app for mobile devices. Thus, the users who operate their Facebook account through its website should have to wait for a while to use the Manage Activity feature. Let us wait to see what impact this feature creates on the business of Facebook.

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