Millionaire Detective: Chosuke Investigates Kambe Family Murder Mystery

 In the previous episode of The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited, we saw Daisuke trapped in the panic room along with the President of the fictional country Poliador with a bomb. Now the stakes are even higher as Daisuke investigates his family’s connection with the company who made the components of the bomb. Since HEUSC is not being of much help, he has to himself seek out information from other sources. Even though he has always been able to use his wealth to solve cases. But this time, things are different, it seems that even Millionaire Detectives confront obstacles they cannot overcome easily.

Since the person responsible for locking up the President along with Daisuke in the panic room died, the justice department is inquiring about the Modern Crimes team. When the team faces the risk of losing their job, they quickly put Haru on the radar, and as a result, he is taken off the case. While Chosuke starts an investigation into Mizuo Future Technologies which was responsible for making the jamming device as well as the gas cartridge. He finds a classified military technology using a green sea grape substance which was used to cause wireless and wire interference in the panic room. Chosuke’s friend, worried about his well-being, warns him not to go so deep into the case. 

Chosuke later tells Haru that before he retires, he wants to solve the case of Mizuo and he wants his help in the investigations. Haru agrees to work with him as they both set off to question Imura about the sea grapes substance. But she doesn’t tell them anything, and they both leave with no other option. She then gets into her car, unaware of the fact that Daisuke’s gadget is chasing her. She ends up recklessly driving into the passerby and is arrested by Daisuke.  

Finding the appropriate opportunity, he starts questioning her about the bomb and the possible relationship of Poliander Kambe Ltd. with the company that made the bomb. She demands a lawyer, but Daisuke completely ignores her. With no other means to get the information he seeks; Daisuke goes through her laptop without her permission with the help of HEUSC. Daisuke then notices a file named ADM but when he asks his AI butler, HEUSC to open it he refuses saying he is not authorized to do so. 

Later, Haru accosts Daisuke to tell him that even though he disagrees with his ways, he believes that he can catch criminals. Which is a radical change in his views, since he had earlier maintained that Daisuke should not be a cop in the first place. He also asks Daisuke why he is going to such great lengths to solve this case but is met with a cold response from Daisuke who tells him to stay out of his matters.

In the meantime, the director lets Chosuke know that he wants him to retire as soon as possible. He advises him not to get involved in the case anymore. But Chosuke is determined as he tells Haru that true justice will be exposing Imara. He tricks her into going to a room without surveillance with him by lying that her lawyer was there. Once he gets her into the room, he starts blackmailing her using photos of her son doing drugs which have the desired effect as she relents to talk.

Chosuke believes that now he has finally got to her, and the case will be much easier to solve after she starts talking. When he goes outside the room, he finds Haru who is waiting for him. Chosuke tells him that the only way one can get justice is by getting one’s hands dirty.  But Haru is not the type to appreciate such trickery; he lets Chosuke know as well. With Chosuke fuming and exploding over him. Haru is unmoved as he lets Imara go, he won’t compromise with his principles and his duty no matter how desperate the situation gets. 

When Imara leaves with her lawyer in her car, she observes that something is not right with the battery. The car suddenly starts smoking as both of them get locked up mysteriously. Just a few moments later, the vehicle blows up, killing both of them on the spot. 

Haru, unable to get over Chosuke’s actions, goes to the director of the Modern Crimes Department to ask him why he is acting the way he is. The director reveals a wooden panel from one of Chosuke’s locker with Sayuri Kambe Murder Case written on it. The plots keep getting more complicated as it is not known who really planned the explosion and what is the relationship Kambe family has with all of his. Daisuke’s choices have always been secretive, but it seems that with the present investigations, most of the riddle that surrounds him is about to unravel soon.

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