The Best Disney+ Tips and Tricks

Disney+ is an on-demand video streaming service. Every streaming service has almost the same features and working console, but if you are new to these services then, here are some of the latest tricks and tips which will help you in improving your experience.

Save for Later

It is a feature that allows you to save something you want to watch later. You can do that by choosing the plus(+) icon. The (+) sign will be changed to a checkmark. This will add it to your Watchlist, and if you want to remove it from your Watchlist, you can do that by tapping on the checkmark.

Download for Later

This feature allows you to download any show or movie to your mobile. You just need to tap on the downward-facing arrow icon in front of the film or episode to start the download. You may also delete those downloaded movies or TV shows from your mobile phone as per your requirement by tapping the Edit button on the download page. After that, you can click on the recycle-bin type icon, and the content will be deleted.

Control Download Quality

Initially, Disney+ allows downloads if you are on a Wi-Fi connection to save your monthly cellular data limit. If you want to download the content using your mobile data, then you need to select the user icon and choose App Settings. After that, turn off Download Over Wi-Fi Only, and you will get permission to download using your cellular data. Disney+ also allows you to control the download quality by tapping on Download Quality. It will give you options starting from Standard to High Definition, and you can select it according to your downloading speed and the storage of the device.

Check Out the Extras

Disney+ allows you to access the extra material like the deleted scenes, commentary, trailers, and more such additional content which any other streaming app does not provide. To access these extras, you need to select the video and then select the Extras tab underneath the Play button.

Control Autoplay

Disney+ also has a feature to autoplay the next episode of a TV show, and it will automatically play the next episode or video in the queue after the completion of the current video. You may turn off this option if you do not want your videos or episodes to play automatically. For that, you need to go to the Edit profile, and then turn off the Autoplay option over there.

Make a Kid’s Profile

This feature allows you to restrict some content you think is not made for kids. However, Disney+ has most of the content kids-friendly, but still, if you want to hide any show or movie from your kids then, you can create a profile designated to kids. It can be done either in the beginning by designating the profile to kids, or by converting an adult profile to a kid’s profile. For converting a profile, you need to select your account icon, then choose Edit profiles. After that, tap your kid’s account and switch it to Kids Profile. This is how you can hide restricted content from your kids.

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